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TK’s “no-holds-barred, balls-to-the-wall” comedy has been said to be an infusion of Lenny Bruce meets Bill Hicks. His comedy can take an audience anywhere from dating to problems with racism. His quick delivery and timing has become his staple, along with his sharp writing. His work on The Best Damn Sports Show landed TK an Emmy nomination. From working the road to his work on the reality show Face the Family, his unique style is always prevalent.

No matter what he’s doing or where he’s performing, strap yourself in ’cause it’s one hell of a ride. TK is known to say some of the most shocking things, and then explain himself with something even more absurd. His control of the crowd is one of his most compelling traits as a performer. From ooohhhs and aaawwws to ruckus laughter, the audience responds however this talented veteran of the stage desires.

TK hails from Dallas, TX. and brings a hint of good ole boy charm every where he goes. He has resided in Los Angeles the better part of the last decade, and has made quite a mark for himself. His Rebels of Comedy booking agency, regularly produces shows at the Hollywood Improv and the Spotlight Comedy Club. His tenure in the comedy world has held many lessons that this seasoned performer will never forget. Full of etiquette and respect for his trade, TK remembers those who came before him, and honors them with respect and professionalism.

Other Projects

Spotlight Comedy Club

The Spotlight Comedy Club is a stand-up comedy venue located in the heart of Studio City, California and features some of today’s funniest comedians. We are extremely focused on providing the best comedy experience for both comedians and the fans of comedy. From some of stand-up’s hottest comedians to rising stars to the promising young comedian getting their first big break, you never know what you’ll see at The Spotlight Comedy Club. The Spotlight Comedy Club is proud to bring today’s finest comedians into our spotlight. Our team of dedicated professionals are all fans of comedy, and take pride in creating the most enjoyable atmosphere possible. The Spotlight Comedy Club is a throwback to the glory days of comedy. When I night out meant a warm decor, impeccable service, sumptuous food, and riotous laughter. Join us for a memorable evening of fun, food, and hilarity.

Rebels of Comedy

The Rebels of Comedy is Los Angeles’s premier comedy booking and entertainment company. We feature some of todays hottest comedy prospects as well as seasoned veterans. Each show is tailored for the best entertainment experience and features headline comedians that you’ve seen on television and in the movies. Some of the comedians that have blessed our stage have been Ray Romano, Jimmy Shubert, Dane Cook, David Spade, Lisa Lampanelli, Anthony Clark, Nick Swardson, Flip Shultz, Mike Casentini, just to name a few. The Rebels of Comedy was founded by TK Matteson in 1999. The Rebels of Comedy continues to the day producing quality independent stand-up comedy shows throughout the Los Angeles area.

Shadow Glance Productions

Shadow Glance Production is TK’s film and television production company, creating original content for the masses.

The Men’s Club Comedy

The gentlemen of The Men’s Club seek a return to the stylish days of comedy, when a show really was a “show.” When the performers – as well as the audience – stepped out in their best wardrobe, enjoyed themselves onstage and didn’t mind ribbing each other in full view of all. After all, a show is a communal experience, and why leave the folks beyond the spotlights out of the equation? And with each member a veteran of more than ten years on the national comedy circuit, the comedians of The Men’s Club revel in providing an experience beyond the ordinary comedy show.

Speaking of the audience, The Men’s Club Comedy Tour might seem at first glance to be an exclusionary enterprise. The discerning female, warily noting the name, may decide to give the show a miss (pardon the pun.) But nothing could be further from the truth. The Men’s Club believes in the universality of laughter and couldn’t imagine a world, or a show, without the sublime influence of the fairer sex. But make no mistake – The Men’s Club Comedy Tour prides itself in being a safe haven for the contemporary male; a place where a man may speak his mind, no matter how little happens to be on it. Where he may enter the venue with his lady on his arm, enjoy a fine glass of spirits, perhaps loosen his carefully knotted tie and sink into an evening of laughter provided by four gentlemen who share his desire to make the world fun again.